Medical Delivery

Our professional couriers can deliver or pickup your sensitive medical prescriptions, specimens, or documents.  Your medical information is safe and secure, and your sensitive medical packages are always on time with Olympic Mobile Detail.

• Scheduled prescription pickup/dropoff
• Inpatient / Convalescent service
• Specimen / document / sensitive material delivery
• Temperature controlled transport
• Secure record keeping / storage / logs
• Transparent billing with no surprises
• HIPAA and OSHA compliant
• Fully licensed and Insured

Whether you require a single monthly prescription delivery, or multiple scheduled deliveries per day, we can build a customized schedule just for you.  We can help save you time and money, as well as give you peace of mind that your medical delivery will be on time.

Dental Lab, Blood Lab, Hospital, Pharmacy, Dispensary, Diagnostic facilities are just some of the industries we service.  Call us today at 805-681-9400 to get a customized quote for your medical delivery needs!